Full Episode On-Demand – 10-04-18

This week: Checkpoint announces Beasley XP with Caroline Beasley, plus conversations with Susie Kim of The London Spitfire, Chris Hopper of Riot Games, the charity Gamers Outreach, and Nate Nanzer commissioner of the Overwatch League.

This week on Checkpoint Radio – it’s a special episode from the Esports Business Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – we’ll sit down with some of the leaders in the esports industry including Susie Kim General Manager of the London Spitfire, Chris Hopper Head of Esports for North American League of Legends and Nate Nanzer the commissioner for The Overwatch League. Plus, Caroline Beasley, CEO of Beasley Media joins the Checkpoint crew to unveil Beasley XP!

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