Google Looking into the Gaming Scene

Google is reportedly looking at a major investment into the gaming scene. Supposedly, Google is examining the whole nine yards from a console by securing exclusive distribution rights either through working with or acquiring developers to a Netflix-esque streaming platform. Google notably was going to buy Twitch before Amazon swooped in and made the purchase.

There are few companies that could make a viable splash in the gaming scene when put up against behemoths like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft… Google is one of them. The project is currently codenamed Project Yeti. Given their nigh limitless resources, they could certainly acquire a healthy stable of developers.

Obviously, YouTube hasn’t made the impact in game-streaming that Twitch has, but if this really is one of Google’s major focuses, it’s not unrealistic to expect a major overhaul to the platform. It’s worth remembering that Android went up against the behemoth that was iPhone and managed to find a foothold in the market. It’s not unreasonable to think they could do it again in the gaming scene.

Source: ArsTechnica

Image: Pixabay

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