Hearthstone Expansion Leaks

In a reddit post yesterday user mfdg77 explained that each Hearthstone expansion has had its own domain prior to launch. Quote, “Every Hearthstone expansion has had an independent domain, like ungoro.com or frozenthrone.com, and all of them were registered by the same company up to two months in advance. Rastakhan’s Brawl is no exception.”

Photo from Reddit User mfdg77 


With BlizzCon 2018 in less than two days our resident TCG Expert Chris Gutzeit had the following to say about Rastakhan’s Brawl.

“Well, its probably going to end up being called Rastakhan’s Battle, it would be too confusing for players to have an expansion with the word “Brawl” in it (Brawl is a gamemode.) God King Rastakhan is a major NPC in World of Warcraft’s Battle For Azeroth right now. That’s pretty noteworthy because it is the first time that Hearthstone has tied itself to current lore in World of Warcraft. The closest was One Night in Karazhan that released close to World of Warcraft doing a Time-walking instance of Karazhan. In any case, this is clearly going to be the worst expansion by far because Trolls are disgusting creatures who are an affront to all living things and their form Loa Druidism is a perversion of Cenarius and Marlone.”

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Source: Reddit

Image: Gamepedia


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