High Schools Sanction Esports

The National Federation of State High School Associations voted to sanction esports in high schools across North America. This is a huge development. More than 200 colleges across North America are now offering an esports scholarship in some form or fashion, but high school competition is still limited and disorganized. The NFHS organizes and governs sports from track to football in high schools across the country, and has now partnered with a company called PlayVS to do the same for esports.

The NFHS typically handles everything from writing the rulebooks and organizing referees to setting up conferences and playoffs. They currently service about 90% of U.S. high schools. This would be one of the earliest stops in the traditional model, but will it work in esports? Esports are seeing incredible engagement in high school programs, with some high schools boasting attendance as high as 40% of the entire student body or higher.

With video games continuing to be more and more popular with each new generation, does it just make sense that they would be competitive at all levels? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: Tech Crunch

Image:  Pixabay

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