MorgausseTV secures Grand Final and a $225,000.00 prize pool in Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish

As the 8 weeks of the Summer Skirmish come to an end at PAX West we have MorgausseTV taking first prize. Edging out the competition his bewilderment that he gets to take home $225,000.00 along with an addition $25,000.00 that he won earlier in the Victory Royal.

Here are the rest of the Results.

  1. MorgausseTV 
  2. Ghost Bizzle
  3. Liquid Poach
  4. Nate Hill
  5. Tendcns
  6. c9 Blind
  7. Liquid 72HRS
  8. Sean Was Taken
  9. Lanjok_Twitch
  10. Bolt Naga GPS
  11. Ghost Aydan
  12. Wildcard Povsy
  13. Jgudi TF UP
  14. Faze Jaomock
  15. Envy Gorillas
  16. GS Ceice


Source: Dot Esports

Image: Epic Games

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