Nintendo Direct 8.8.2018 – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Earlier today, Nintendo Direct featured Super Smash Bros Ultimate, revealing new fighters, stages, music, items, and assist trophies.

Nintendo Direct starts with Luigi in his Haunted Mansion gear, entering a castle. Luigi encounters classic Castlevania monsters; thus, introducing Simon Belmont!

Richter Belmont also enters the fray to accompany Simon Belmont!

Two new Echo fighters are introduced Chrom and Dark Samus!

Smash Bros Ultimate is including new stages, such as Dracula’s Castle and New Donk City Hall, as well as stages from previous Smash games. There are over 100 stages! Plus, you can select the stages’ Battlefield or Omega forms, making it over 300! Stage Morph is also introduced as you can pick two stages and mid-battle, the stage transitions into the other stage that was chosen.

Music for the stage can be selected by the player. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have over 900 compositions and tracks to choose from. That’s over 28 hours of music! Players can also turn off the Nintendo Switch screen, and continue to listen to the music, essentially turning your Switch into an iPod!

New items will be available such as the Banana Gun, Killing Edge, Bomber, Death’s Scythe, Staff, Ramblin’ Evil, and more. Rathalos from Monster Hunter is introduced as a new assist trophy as well as a boss, a first in Smash history!

New battle systems are implemented. In Squad Strike, players can pick up to 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 characters in one battle. In Tourney Mode, up to 32 players can participate. Smashdown will not allow players to select fighters preciously played. This forces the player to broaden their skills with other fighters.

The Final Smash meter is now a selectable option. You can charge up during a battle and unleash your Final Smash once fully charged. Training has been improved, adding a grid to measure the trajectory and distance of special moves and knockbacks.

Nintendo hinted that there is still more to reveal later, ending the Direct with another new fighter from the Donkey Kong series, King K. Rool!


Header Image & Images Provided by: Nintendo, Smash Bros Ultimate

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