Opinion: Black Panther Success Stirs for Diversity in Video Games

The Guardian put out an opinion piece on how the success of Black Panther should be a wake-up call for the video game industry.

The video game industry faces many of the same struggles with diversity that Hollywood does. Women and minorities are generally only the central figures of a video game when the adversity they face is oppression. Dontnod Entertainment’s video game, Remember Me, was a notable exception to this, but it’s definitely the exception to the rule.

We have talked about the need for diversity in the development of video games for a long time now, but the need for more diversity in protagonists and worlds is frequently overlooked. Game developers frequently struggle to include a minority character without making it feel very forced or as if it panders. The transgender character in Mass Effect: Andromeda springs to mind.

Source: The Guardian

Image: Pixabay

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