Overwatch Dallas Fuel Player Suspended

xQc was suspended from the Dallas Fuel following a homophobic remark thrown at a Houston Outlaws opponent. Outlaws’ player ‘Muma’ used one of xQc’s signature lies after beating the fuel, and xQc responded with a homophobic remark. Muma is an openly gay player. The Overwatch League fined xQc an amount of $2,000 and suspended him for four games.

The Dallas Fuel added a suspension of their own, which will keep him out of action until the end of phase one of the League. He will be eligible to return to action on February 10th. During his suspension, the Fuel will be providing him with additional resources, focus coaching, physical training and any other support they can offer to help him stay up to speed and keep in line with league conduct policies.

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Source: Polygon

Image: Chris Miranda

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