Overwatch League Lands Huge Twitch Deal

Overwatch League is upon us! With events officially getting underway this week, it’s time for us to take a look at the competitors and make some predictions for the season as well as surprising news.

Twitch struck a deal with Blizzard to secure streaming rights to Overwatch League. For the first two seasons, every pre-season, regular, and post-season game will be on Twitch available in English, French, and Korean.

This comes as a huge surprise, because most people expected Blizzard to use OWL’s popularity to push their own MLG streaming service. The price tag was $90 million, so it certainly doesn’t come cheap. Perhaps Blizzard realized that risking the league’s success by limiting it to a platform like MLG wasn’t worth it.

Tune in to the beginning of the first hour of Checkpoint Radio this weekend as the crew discuss Overwatch League and ESPN’s Power Rankings for Week 0. Check out where you can listen at your local radio stations on our Affliates page or listen at On Demand page.

News Source: Verdict

Image: Lignel Victor on Unsplash

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