Overwatch World Cup Results

After 2 months of group stages and the top 24 knocked down to their top 8 the finals concluded at BlizzCon 2018 the team taking home the trophy will be South Korea. In the quarter finals we saw United States fall to United Kingdom and not North Korea this time marking three years USA has come last in the top 8. With the United States out of the way North Korea went 2-0 against United Kingdom with 2 draws securing their spot in the Finals. China went 3-0 against Finland and Canada but South Korea took every map away from China in the Finals.  Third place is Canada edging out United Kingdom by 3-2 in the losing bracket. The top 8 will all receive $16,000.


Overwatch World Cup Results (Prizes are in USD) Total Prize Pool $128,000

  1. South Korea – $16,000
  2. China – $16,000
  3. Canada – $16,000
  4. United Kingdom – $16,000
  5. Australia – $16,000
  6. Finland – $16,000
  7. France – $16,000
  8. United States – $16,000

New York Excelsior’s Bang “JjoNak” Seong-hyun will also take home his second T-Mobile MVP award, he was named T-Mobile’s MVP earlier in the year during the Overwatch League.

Header Image by Joe Scarnici of Getty Images

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