Racist comments could have Dota 2 Major canceled

Early November TNC Predator player Carlo “Kuku” Palad had made some racist comments that has landed him in some hot water with the Chinese government. Kuku’s racially-charged statement has upset the Chinese Dota 2 community and has the municipal government of Chongqing out right banning him from the Chongqing Major.

TNC Predator issued a statement via twitter affirming that Chongqing would bar Kuku’s entry into the country and if he does make it through the boarder that they would shut the tournament down if he attended. Event organizers have issued a statement that Kuku was not banned from the tournament by them. Kuku has already faced penalties for his actions through Valve issuing him 50% fines of his winnings in the last major tournament and the next two he would attend with TNC Predator.

This has also spurred a caster boycott of the event with many of the casters criticizing that Chongqing’s government shouldn’t be the one issuing bans to esports events and neither should any other government body.

Source: Dot Esports

Photo by Jeff Vinnick of Getty Images.


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