Riot Responds Meaningfully to Doublelift, State of League of Legends


In recent weeks, Doublelift has been openly critical of the current way Riot is developing League of Legends. According to him, the shifts in meta are coming too frequently and even the best players are running a treadmill just to keep up with the updates. An employee from Riot responded this week, saying he agreed and that Riot is aware of and attempting to address the issue.

Riot games dev, Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street, replied this week saying that he agreed with a lot of what Doublelift complained about. He said that Riot was aware of that sentiment and shared it, explaining that the way they spread the patches out this year caused more meta shifts than they intended.

Normally, they do two major patches a year, one before the season and one at mid-season. They do many smaller patches in between, but those generally don’t make dramatic impacts on the game or the overall meta. This year, they staggered the mid-season patch in hopes of making the meta shift less noticeable. Instead, they created three major meta shifts in a short time period. Riot will be going back to the normal way of doing patches next season.


Source: Dot Esports

Image: League of Legends

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