As the International draws ever closer, we’re keeping an eye on the ongoing story of OpenAI. In preparation for its exhibition match against pro players, the program competed against players from the 99th percentile in DOTA 2. It annihilated them, taking two games in less than an hour of game time. Source: Dot Esports Image:...
The International 8 held theNorth America’s open qualifiers, but not without incident. A game breaking bug was discovered in the recent patch that impacted the event. The bug caused players failure to connect to games, be marked as AFK (away from keyboard) when they were not, and match result being reported incorrectly. As a result,...
DOTA 2 revamped their Battle Pass system, which offered in game incentives to get players to fund events like The International. It will no longer be a one time purchase for a temporary event. It will now be a subscription service for $4 a month that provides new aesthetic content regularly. Source: Game Spot Image:...
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