Street Fighter V

Turner and ELEAGUE announced a new competition for Street Fighter V that will gather twenty four of the world’s best players to compete. The prize pool is set at $250,000, and the tournament will run for five weeks starting on June 1st. The action will air on both Twitch and TBS on Fridays. Source: Esports...
One of the largest gaming organizations in the world, OpTic Gaming, is venturing into the fighting game community. Starting on June 8th, Optic Arena will host their first fighting game competitions. Games include Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, and Smash Bros Melee. Each tournament will have a $5,000 pot-bonus courtesy of Optic Gaming. Source:...
This year, there’s going to be a shake up in competitive Street Fighter V. Capcom has announced they are including an open qualifier tournament. This allows players from any region to compete for additional Global Leaderboard points. Source: Capcom Image: Christine for Checkpoint Radio
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