As the Twitter accounts for Octopath Traveller and Bravely Default were bantering back and forth, a vague teaser image appeared. The image thanks fans for hitting the million mark on Octopath Traveller, but it bore a striking resemblance to the original Bravely Default art. We know that a big announcement is coming for that series,...
Microsoft has laid off a Twitter support team, employed for dealing with customer service inquiries. Instead, they are moving forward with “Xbox Ambassadors”, volunteers who are rewarded with prizes for helping with customer service issues. To add insult to injury, the support team that was laid off are the ones who trained the ambassadors. Source:...
Overwatch League Caster Soe Gschwind-Penski tweeted out on International Women’s Day, taking a moment to thank the men in her life who have treated her as an equal. Apparently, the Overwatch scene did not take well to that as she received death threats over the tweet. Source: The Guardian Image: Pexels
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