The Music of Checkpoint: 01-25-18

We get a lot of questions about the music we use on Checkpoint. It’s not often that you come across Anamanagucci or Grimecraft on the radio after all. But, that’s just how we roll here on Checkpoint. So, here’s a list of music that we’ve used on this weeks episode of Checkpoint.

So those that know me know how much I love music. The music of Checkpoint is actually one of the things I spend quite a lot of time thinking about and working on each week. I like to do fun things like add music easter eggs and use music from bands I think could use more exposure.

So, each week I’m going to try (keyword: try) and keep a running blog of the music I used in each week’s show. Now, you will, undoubtedly, start to notice some overlap in time. I tend to keep a library of good music to use for the show. But I at least try and add 1-4 new pieces of music to that library each week. I’ll try to include some thoughts about each track as I list them.

So here’s a rough playlist for the episode for the week of January 25th 2018.

Loosid – Hideaway: This has been in heavy rotation for me in the last few weeks. It’s super atmospheric and has a lot of glitchy fun going on without getting too far into the dubstep wub-wub-wub territory.

Mike Got – The Clock: If you’ve listened to Checkpoint before, chances are you heard this track. I’ve used it a lot since I found it. If not – let me introduce to one of the catchiest pieces of music I’ve ever found.

Ryda – Waves – This is another track I’ve been using for a long long time. I’m really attracted to tracks like this though – and being punctuated with video game sound effects doesn’t hurt either.

Sacio – Crystal Horizon – Awesome 16 bit song I found on Soundcloud that has worked it way solidly into my listening rotation. I love how Sonic-ish it feels.

Weird Banana – Tree Mugger – Best band name/song name combo on this playlist. Period.

Mux Mool – Get Better John – This track is what we use for our Checkpoint Save The Date Calendar segment each week. I’ve been listening to Mux Mool for years and have always been a fan of the way he uses square wave and chiptune sounds to create really contemporary melodies.

Sushi Killer x Kevin Villecco – Anime Bae – I just realized I used two track from Sushi Killer this week. Neat. This catchy track is riddled with throwback gaming noises and really illicit a strong gaming feel. But the composition is a super contemporary hip hop/pop beat. This one one of my old standards. Youll hear it a lot on Checkpoint episodes.

TroyBoi – Flamez – Holy hell, this song. I love the angry, phat brass synth in here. We actually used the 3rd portion of the song with the synths so it covered up a lot of the brass.

k-d – Genesis – Ill be honest – sometimes its the art attached to a song that makes me check it out. That was the case here and was pleasantly surprised. Has a bit of that Future Bass vibe and a little dubstep in there.

sYcko – You Go – Listen, any song that uses art from Hyperlight Drifter is automatically going to get my attention. I’ve been using a lot of Future Bass since it’s got that 8-bit/16-bit vibe.

JNX – Revival – This was a late addition to my playlist and a recent find. The Zelda accents are pretty dope. This track is WAY more dubstep then I normally use but since its got that nice long build I could use it without getting into the WUB WUB WUB heavy stuff.

Sushi Killer – Waifu Dreams: This is such a chill track to end on. It’s actually one of my oldest tracks in my favorites. It’s just such a fun, bouncy up-tempo piece of music. Reminds me of something from Kirby.

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