Vote for Checkpoint’s High Score Hall of Fame 2018!

The first round of the Checkpoint Radio High Score Hall of Fame Game is upon us. This year, we’re identifying the best protagonist in gaming.

Unlike last year, where we provided the four competitors, this year we selected four competitors to put up against four competitors from the Checkpoint Radio audience.

In the first corner, Nate’s pick for Big Boss of the Metal Gear series against the audience’s pick Fox McCloud of the Star Fox series. We debated and Big Boss came up on top!

In the other corner, Norris picked Ezio Auditore of the Assassin’s Creed series versus audience’s vote of the iconic Link from The Legend of Zelda series. Of course, Link takes the win.

For the third bout, Robbie chose his all-time favorite Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series against the audience’s cult favorite Earthworm Jim. Earthworm Jim does not stand against Commander Shepard so Commander Shepard takes this round.

In the final round, Joe picked the adventurous Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series pitted against the audience’s another iconic pick Mario Mario (oh, Shigeru Miyamoto, why?). Joe proved his point well on the show, and Lara Croft wins this bout.

Now, it’s your turn! Vote for the next two rounds in the Final Four of the Best Video Game Protangonist for Checkpoint’s High Score Hall of Fame!

First up!

Big Boss and Commander Shepard is going head to head! Who is the better protagonist of video games?

Big Boss (Metal Gear series)
Commander Shepard (Mass Effect series)


Next up!

Two iconic video game characters: Lara Croft and Link. Who do you think is the better protagonist?

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Link (The Legend of Zelda)

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