Weird Things Leading up to Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite has some weird stuff going on in the lead up to Season 5.

Earlier this year, a mysterious meteor appeared in the skies of Fornite. Not long after, the meteor crashed, destroying a city and leaving a military encampment in the crater. Players could pick up items which affected gravity. Weird things are happening again as a rocket launch caused mysterious cracks to appear in the sky, but also appear and grow along the ground.

In conjunction with this, some of the in-game items disappeared mysteriously.
That is until they were found in the real world. A photographer by the name of Sela Shiloni happened to discover something kind of weird in the desert outside Los Angeles: The Durr Burger. The weird googly-eyed burger was found along with an unmarked police car and signs referencing an unstable anomaly in the area.

As more people came to see the Durr Burger, an agent, who claims to know nothing about Fortnite, appeared and began handing out cards. The cards have a phone number on them. When the phone number is called, you hear the sound of a rift opening, and the area code would suggest something weird is going on in Iowa. That audio could be decrypted into coordinates, specifically ones in Paris, France. Now, there’s reported sightings of Loot Llamas all over Europe, including Cologne, Paris, Warsaw, London, and more.

Meanwhile, back in Fortnite, random items are beginning to appear across the map that seem to be coming from different eras in time. Things like horse drawn carriages.

Anyway, this is a weird ARG (alternate reality game) that Epic seems to be running for the new season release of Fortnite. ARG’s have been absolutely fascinating when done well, and really capture the imagination (and free advertising) of fans and spectators alike.

Source: Polygon

Image: Sela Shiloni’s Twitter

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