The Overwatch World Cup Viewer

In a surprise Developer Update yesterday Jeff Kaplan announced a new feature coming to the Public Test Region (PTR); The Overwatch World Cup Viewer. This will be an in game client that lets you view the BlizzCon Overwatch World Cup matches using the spectator tools that the production uses in real time. Other features will include the replay function that the Overwatch League implemented when getting different angles, slowing down footage and panning around a previously played match. Along with all of these great features the top down map will also be included giving the community a wide range of tools to view and analyze Overwatch esports in the future. The Overwatch World Cup Viewer will be in beta on the PTR during overwatch which bars console players from testing this new feature.

Speculation has been high if there will be a new Map coming Blizzcon like previous years but Jeff confirmed, “While we’re not announcing a new map at BlizzCon, we’re working on new map content.” Though Kaplan did not rule out the possibility of a new hero announcement which has been a staple of Overwatch with both Sombra and Moira being announced at BlizzCon there has been no indication of who it might be.

Jeff also gave us a small preview of the up coming changes to Mercy, Reaper, Roadhog and Symmetra that will hit the PTR shortly after the Developer Update went live. According to the patch notes all of the character above will be receiving significant buffs. Mercy receiving a small buff to her ultimate Valkyrie. Reaper and Roadhog both receiving primary fire spread randomization reduction and Symmetra’s ramp up damage also seeing a small increase.

BlizzCon starting on November 2nd 2018 we’ll be excited to see what Blizzard and Overwatch have to announce.

Image: Blizzard

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